Episode 50

The Olympics are just around the corner and Canada is sending its largest Badminton Team ever to the Games. So on July 3, we took this opportunity to catch up with singles sensation Brian Yang about making the team, being the youngest male singles player in the Olympic men’s singles draw and some of the things that led up to his being selected. Coach Kaz also stopped by to give his “2 cents” on a few badminton events that have taken place since our last podcast..

Episode 47

Happy New Year, Team!  Badminton Beat is Back!  And so is badminton…well, not in Canada but it IS back in Thailand which is where “Roving Reporter” Rachel Honderich is this week. Coach Kaz and I chat with her leading up to her and partner, Kristen Tsai’s match later this week at the Thai Open (their first international match in 10 months). We find out about the very different tournament set-up and training arrangements necessary to host and play an international tournament during the pandemic.

Episode 45

Ayaka & Jens (amongst others) retire, Coach Kaz “buys the farm” (perhaps to practice his Air Badminton skills) and we all wait patiently for the fall season to begin and some big-events, including Thomas & Uber Cups to (hopefully) take place. These are just a few of the things discussed in this month’s BB Podcast.

Episode 44

While most of us are heading back to the courts, Super Dan and Danish doubles maestro Carsten Mogensen go in the opposite direction and announce their retirements…so definitely some discussion around those two. We also touch on a few coaching strategies, what the post-CoVid (or mid-CoVid) return to the courts is looking like and Kaz faces a rapid-fire questionnaire with suspicion.

Episode 43

The Badminton Beat crew check in on several coaches who are at various stages of re-opening their badminton courts after (or leading up to) the lifting of CoVid 19 lockdown restrictions: Andrew Dabeka in Switzerland, Ram Nayyar at the Vancouver Lawn and Tennis Club (in Vancouver) and Stephane Cadieux at the Boulevard Club in Toronto.