Episode 44

While most of us are heading back to the courts, Super Dan and Danish doubles maestro Carsten Mogensen go in the opposite direction and announce their retirements…so definitely some discussion around those two. We also touch on a few coaching strategies, what the post-CoVid (or mid-CoVid) return to the courts is looking like and Kaz faces a rapid-fire questionnaire with suspicion.

Episode 43

The Badminton Beat crew check in on several coaches who are at various stages of re-opening their badminton courts after (or leading up to) the lifting of CoVid 19 lockdown restrictions: Andrew Dabeka in Switzerland, Ram Nayyar at the Vancouver Lawn and Tennis Club (in Vancouver) and Stephane Cadieux at the Boulevard Club in Toronto.

Episode 40

What should you be thinking at 19-19 in the 3rd game? What is a really good “change-up” shot for doubles play? How should I prepare on the day of a big match?  All these questions and more are answered by our “Roving Reporter” Rachel Honderich on today’s podcast as she prepares for the 2020 Yonex All-England Open.

Episode 39

Michelle Li, Canada’s top-10 BWF-ranked women’s singles player joins The Beat this month to go over all the things she’s been up to since we last chatted way back in 2018. It’s a great insight into the planning, thoughts and preparations she goes through before facing (and often defeating) some of her fellow world-class singles stars. Michelle also shares some of her plans as we head into the final 5 months leading up to the Tokyo Olympic Games.

Mike and Kaz also go over some of the latest news, views and ideas out there in the Badminton World!