Episode 60

Our 60th episode is the last for a while, we’ve had fun doing it and hope you’ve enjoyed listening to our ramblings.  Maybe we’ll return again some other time but until then…keep coaching, keep playing and keep enjoying our favourite sport!



Episode 58

On the eve of the All-England Open, Badminton Beat hosts a 2-parter with “Roving Reporter” Rachel Honderich. First, a chat with her before departing for London, catching up on some training pointers, a bit of All-England history and her use of fitness monitors/watches for badminton. Part two (Episode 59) will take place later in the week after Rachel and partner Kristen Tsai have played their first match at the All-England Open.

Episode 57

Back for her 3rd visit to Badminton Beat, Michelle Li’s latest visit is taken from an on-line chat we had prior to Ontario re-opening gyms (and Badminton courts) for regular training again. Michelle has joined the Granite Club and is now training with fellow Olympian (and BB roving reporter) Rachel Honderich. We caught up with Michelle to get her “take” on training, returning to the courts and what it’s like to play Tai Tzu Ying and Pusarla V. Sindhu. Plus lots more.

Episode 54

The 2020 Paralympics just wrapped up in Tokyo with Para Badminton making it’s debut in the Games. So with the increased interest, Badminton Beat caught up with Canadian Coach Ram Nayyar to help explain the details and various categories of Para Badminton.

Episode 53

Coaches Mike & Kaz catch up with Canadian Olympian Rachel Honderich for the last of her 3-part Tokyo Olympic “Rachel Reports”. Rachel talks about her & doubles partner, Kristen Tsai’s matches, their strategies and other things relating to her Olympic experience as well as what lies ahead.

Badminton Beat Episode 52

We’re back with the Rachel Report Vol. 2: We caught up with Rachel, now in the Olympic Village the evening of the opening ceremonies which she and Kirsten decided to miss in order to prepare for their first Olympic match the following day.

Episode 51

The Rachel Report #1: Mike and Kaz chat with Canadian Olympian Rachel Honderich in Hakodate, Japan where she and the rest of the Canadian Olympic Badminton Team are training before their matches begin in Tokyo on July 24.

Canadians can watch matches on-line on the CBC Gem website at: gem.cbc.ca. As we mentioned in our talk, we don’t yet have information regarding full-matches being televised on the CBC TV.

YouTube also has a channel dedicated to the Olympics which should be streaming matches.